Hello there Welcome to my blog! Take off your shoes, make yourself comfortable.

If I have anything that might be called a vision for this blog, I’d say that it’s about sharing things that I find interesting, and seeing if I’m not the only one.

A lot of this blog will be about science — I’m a professional physics researcher, specialising in cold and ultra-cold particles in traps. I’m a few years after my PhD, and in that grey area of not-a-post-doc, and not-faculty either. In fact, right now, I’m setting up to move to start a new job next week. (OK, maybe this blog is also procrastination from filling cardboard boxes). But more about my research later (got to keep that content saved up!)

More of this blog will be about computers and technology. I have to program for my job and I’m an irredeemable messer-about on all kinds of technology. One of the joys of my life is finding a year-old blog or forum post of someone who long-since solved the problem right before me. If even any one workaround here helps someone out, that’ll make me smile.

And even more of this blog will be about the random things I might encounter in daily life. Photos, gripes, tips, links, videos, talking dogs, whatever… 😉


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