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Sir Patrick Moore (1923-2012)

I’m actually a bit too young to have seen Carl Sagan’s stuff as it came out, but Patrick Moore, for all his looking-like-a-Bond-villian-ness is the equivalent from my childhood. Watching his programmes, and seeing the enthusiasm he had for his subject are one of the reasons I’m a physicist today. RIP.


Invisible authorship

We’ve all probably had uncomfortable, just-no-good answer exists, long discussions about who gets to be an author on a paper. I know that I have.

Do students, do engineers, do people helped build the apparatus but left three months before the data was taken…?

That’s why a retraction in Environmental Microbiology has me really scratching my head… “Additionally, the authors were unable to identify Javier Grande”. Really?

As a side note, this reminds me of the Nobel Laureate who co-authored a paper with his pet hamster. But at least the hamster exists.

(Originally found on Retraction Watch)