Google calculator in the lab

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve found Google’s calculator feature to be one of the most useful things in the lab (it’s that or an oscilloscope). It’s the first thing I go to when I want to make some little back-of-the-envelope calculation. And it’s always there, no matter what computer I sit at (unlike the ‘scope, which is always getting “borrowed”).

My most-loved features are it’s physical constants and the way it incorporates units automatically.


0.5 * m_e* (100 m/s)^2 in eV


1 / (2 * pi * 100e-9F * 100 ohms)

Handy, right?

Now if anyone from google is out there and wants to make my Christmas, add a resistor color coder/decoder

resistance: green brown black gold ?


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